about tim DAX

I am what I have dreamed to be.  I dream, I do, I become.  I have created my ultimate fantasy aesthetic.  My tattoos come from the heart.  Everything on me is my design, from my mind, my heart, my soul.


My passion is expressing creativity through living, breathing moments.  Emoting love, pain and all emotions in between to inspire an audience makes me happy.


Mission Statement:

I will obey myself and reveal at all times what is in my heart.  I am as honest with myself as I can be.  I am not always right.  I must take constructive criticism but also realize when it is not.  Since there is honesty in discipline I thrive on it; I am able to better myself through repetitive training, dwelling on positive and banishing negative.


© Tim Dax, my image, my design from head to toe is copyrighted with the Library of Congress.