space pirates! sci-fi, action, comedy-drama

Written by xxxx xxxx (author wishes anonymity)  Author has written over 60 movie scripts to date and produced  and directed multi million dollar films.

Do you believe in Fairytales? If yes, this story is not for you. This is about a flying pirate ship in cosmic space. 


Our hero Doubloon is not a hero to begin with at all.  He’s a present day DIY (do it yourself) pirate who steals from rich and gives to poor and lives in a cave with some excess bounty.  Hard shelled and short tempered on the outside but soft hearted on the inside. That’s why he’s got a hard shell to protect his true identity of Vulnerability.

While pirating a rich, spoiled rotten, fat cat and his wife on their yacht, Doubloon’s soft side does best to ignore Junior’s (young seven year old son) plea to be saved from his evil parents and for Doubloon to take him along on his pirate journey. Doubloon realizes the evil tendencies of mother and father. So Junior joins Doubloon as his First Mate on their following journey, which is about to take a turn upwards. Up to the sky and beyond.

Things get Wild when Doubloon and Junior fall into a sand pocket at the shore and fall down into an old hidden cave.  That’s where they find the strange metal type object that keeps changing shape.  They are later told by Doubloon’s scientist brother that the mythological metal object defies all scientific logic by carbon dating it back before the BIG BANG 14 billion years ago!   This metal amulet dates way back before the beginning of Universe.

That’s not as strange as the amulet changing into a real pirate ship that is pirated away by the evil villain, whip snapping, walk the plank, PRINCESS STILKA and her villainous crew of pirate misfits.  They want to take over the Universe before it began by using the magical flying pirate ship to sail beyond time and it’s up to Doubloon and Junior to find a way to save the true heir of the Amulet of Adramo and restore lost love to our beautiful heroine Vanessa.  

All modern scientific theories such as string theory, quantum physics and existence of many worlds and Universes all go up in space as our true heroes, Doubloon and his surrogate son, Junior first mate hence forth nicknamed ‘Courageous’, play with cosmic laws, rearranging them in hopeless hopes to satisfy the ageless law of love that goes beyond all else.  

Doubloon and Junior aka Courageous, must adjust their cosmic conscious to sail where no good man has sailed before and follow the evil PRINCESS STILKA back before the Universe began to save all that has come after. 

Will they survive and pirate back the pirates that pirated solar systems, planets and the whole Universe? 


All depends on the AMULET OF ANDRAMO. What does it ultimately want?  That is what Doubloon and Junior are about to find out and never will they be the same.


Yo ho and a bottle of rum for Doubloon and an amazing guiding eye of first mate Junior who is about to show his real pirate ways.



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