Before 'Jim' from 'Evolve, the short movie' moved to Los Angeles he visited to check out the neighborhood. Securing a bed & breakfast on his cell phone Jim enters a strange 'Hollywood' world with his hosts 'T' a free spirited tattooed dude and his wife 'A' a stern disciplinarian.




Inspired by my first short movie 'Evolve', I am writing, producing and directing a short series 'TNA B&B in LA'.

My challenge is to produce without any budget but a few dollars from my own pocket.

Co-producer & Cinematographer

TNA B&B in LA ep 1

TNA B&B in LA ep 2

Coming Attractions:


Ep. 3   'the Agent'   Jim finds a slick slurred speaking Hollywood Agent.

Ep. 4   'the Photog'   Referred by the Agent, Jim gets more & more head shots.

Ep. 5   'the Doctor'   Jim altercates with A and lands in a Dr's office with a Jive Talking Surgeon.

Ep. 6   'TV Bar'   Jim wets his whistle @ the TV Bar.  Who is the mystery woman?  Hellman returns.

Ep. 7   'Thomas Victoria'   a sexy invite for cocktails has Jim seeing more cock than tail.

Ep. 8   'the Musical'   Experimenting with marijuana has Jim hallucinating song and dance.