Previous to moving to LA in 2010 I was a 15 year career man working the hustled pace of NYC on 59th & 3rd.  Now an LA’n (I revel in the similarities in sound of the word ‘alien’ vs. ‘LA’n’… I’m a proud LA’n. ; )  now in LA, the pace of life much slower, I realize a natural ability with dogs.  I have become the dog walker of Palms Los Angeles. 


Walking my own dogs regularly, I was recognized.  Word of mouth and my reputation resulted in my walking LOTS of dogs over the last few years.  :)   I have an evolving key chain of client house keys. 


Imagine, folks trusting me, with keys to their homes…


Ha ha ha… (evil laughter) ;)


Calm and Assertive are keys to being a pack leader.


Welcome to the Pack.



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Recently our Palms neighborhood council along with city councilman Paul Koretz have encouraged local artists to apply to them with a design concept for decorating the communities utility boxes.  I walk dogs by the corner of Motor & Regent 3 or 4 times a day, I was inspired.  

I submitted a design and to my surprise I was elected! LOL!  An artist? me?  Ha! Never have I ever considered myself talented in drawing and painting.  Alas, my inspiration drew me in (appreciate the pun please ; ).

My process of painting, was slow.  I took my time.  Never have I done such a thing, so slow I go.  I learned that I can.  No matter the fear, I can when my heart sings so.  So, I did.  And here it is.  I didn't originally intend the message.  Note my hand drawn diagram.  Evolution happens when we walk beyond what strikes us as fearful.  A theme came to view, 'Community Respect'.  Dig that. :-)

Thank you for looking.  Thank you for reading. 

Be well.