'Evolve' a short movie struggling with image.

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Evolve, the short movie Behind Scenes/Making of


Music video for Evolve theme song 'Nirvana'


Evolve, the short movie trailer

'EVOLVE' is my first screen play.  Written from personal experience & mine own imagination. A short movie that will highlight Tim DAX as writer, producer, director, editor, actor and all else need done while doing.



"Fantastic!  This short film left me wanting more.  Jim's transition from who he is to whom he is becoming was conveyed beautifully through wonderful camerawork, editing, and music.  The score for this is perfection.  I feel the tempo with every beat of the soundtrack as if I am listening to an orchestra reaching crescendo.

This would be a fantastic feature.  I enjoyed this film.  Great work!"  

-Edward Bukowski, authority judge - Big House LAEF co-founder

Co-producer & Cinematographer


"We love seeing new work like this that toy with notions of reality.  We appreciate your excellent use of music in an unsettling, frenetic exploration of the struggle between conformity for the sake of following one’s dreams with one's inner demons.  We wish you the best of luck as you take the film out into the world."

-Arin Liberman, Programming Manager, True/False Film Fest

Jim faces challenges of identity.  His melting point is more of an explosion into reality.  Born 'different', he has learned to deny himself his true calling.  He breaks, like a phoenix rising from self inflicted turmoil, then what?  Watch and see.