adventure, treasure hunt, bizarre humor,  horror-action-drama

Written by xxxx xxxx (author wishes anonymity)  Author has written over 60 movie scripts to date and directed multi million dollar films.

Roscov, a lonely long haul trucker is nothing special or unusual with exception, now and then taking a bottle of booze from the cargo shipment in back and have it’s company while driving the long, dark, hypnotizing roads to no-where’s land. But drinking wasn’t reason for strange things appearing.  

He has all sorts of profanities bill boarded all along the truck;  Angels ‘n Saints ‘r Crap, optimism is for losers, only the good are punished, God can’t even get it up.  So you see, Roscov wasn’t a God fearing man, until….

His hair starts falling out and strange tattoos start appearing, piece by piece, upon his head and face by no means available. Meaning; no tattoo parlor- the tattoos appear by themselves.

Driving through small towns we discover a path of possessed children having been tortured by demons.  Each event is marked by the calling of a local priest to perform rituals of beast removal via prayer and holy water.

Distressed by his quickening hair loss and bizarro tattoo manifestations, Roscov seeks medical help where he is sent away with a hand full of ineffective pills.  Out of desperation he ends up in a priests confessional.  God fearing or God hating?  Each town Roscov passes through, he runs into priests having just performed an exorcism on a possessed child.  Each and every one of those priests thereafter are found ritually murdered.  The police have their suspicions and Roscov becomes a ‘person of interest’.

As this drama unfolds Roscov’s makeshift girlfriend, Hook (a truck-stop prostitute) is impregnated by Roscov’s hot & heavy libido.  This puts a dent in his lonely trucker label.  He occasionally shows signs of compassion for Hook which is oddly placed in the mounting circumstantial evidence, he may be a madman!

A very strong alibi makes its appearance for Roscov’s innocence; as an obscene underworld Creature makes an appearance before Roscov and Hook. Once in doubt, it now becomes incumbent for Hook to take Roscov to her psychic midget mother who is able to contact those above and below. Performing a most unconventional séance inside Hook’s baby crib with all of them cradled inside, the malfeasant Serpent from Hell materializes and shows its stuff. Only after a terrifying cascade of evil strength does Roscov manage by some instinctive showmanship of DEMON SWASHBUCKlING to scare the Demon temporarily away back to its hell-hole.  

With the police showing up to arrest Roscov, he narrowly escapes and breaks into a closed library to learn what he can about Hades and it’s fallen from grace Creatures.

A strange janitor shows him the way to a closed, underground basement and another hidden century old shaft elevator that takes them lower into forgotten archives.  There is found an ancient book that animates off the pages- before Roscov awesome eyes- to reveal a destiny leaving him aghast.

What he must do and will he do it or can he?  We cannot help but ask ourselves.  We will soon learn what Roscov uncovers; that the DEMONIC SERPENT FROM HELL is not what we thought.  Then what is it?  “Oh My God!” exclaims Roscov on his learning beyond man’s mythology.  “Oh My God” shall be murmured by all viewers and repeated over and over again on the way home. “Oh My God!!”


images are inspiration only