Our super hero story starts with a humble mid country home birth, a seemingly normal occurrence in a seemingly peaceful place.  With birth suddenly comes a wicked howl of evil from within the womb.  Physical phenomena rock the house, chaos ensues, a sturdy midwife reels in newborn baby Jax and chants a mystical mantre’ as we fade to black.

Years later enter a grown up mild mannered comic illustrator, Jax Hammer.  Whatever evil clawing for baby Jax so many years ago has never been realized by Jax, his parents wished to bury the horrible memory of his birth.  Jax is completely unaware… until now of course.  The following tale be tall but based in wicked truths.  Not for the meek but for the week, potential inspiration.

More than lead in your pencil!

Written by xxxx xxxx (author wishes anonymity)  Author has written over 60 scripts to date and produced & directed multi million dollar films.

Jax has a unique birthmark, an impression left upon face and head by the evil placenta banshee.  It is a key to humanities challenges about to unfold.

In a shrined remote mountain cave, a far-east mystic tattoo artist works diligently on sacred art.  He is cosmically connected via a seemingly chance internet-skype to Jax.  This alerts the mystic Ajatattu of his need to immediately fly to America to make the most important house call.


Ajatattu wastes no haste in warning Jax, his girlfriend Star and his new age beatnik biz partners in their newly formed enterprise REALITY COMICS, that all are in for a surreal surprise.  A real life monster is about to storm the city wildly excited to extinguish all of humanity.

Jax must undergo ancient mystical procedures where in Ajatattu applies Godly tattoo ink taken from fallen angels wings.  This ink will make Jax practically invulnerable to the Devil creature scheduled to appear on Jax’s next birthday.  If Jax fails his confrontation with Pure Evil, mankind’s destruction is imminent. 

If you must, close your eyes and put a finger in just one ear to half listen to the ending as you sit quaking in front of the movie screen… or if you are brave enough, look with squinted eyes and behold!  Jax is about to make REALITY COMICS reality for all the young comic goers to read along and follow either mankind’s flourishing destiny or it’s forlorn destruction as it unfolds real time.


Godspeed Jax.

super hero vs. monster, action, sci fi, drama-horror