I have discovered over the last years maturing in LA, I am more than an actor.  I am a writer, producer, director, editor, etc.  I am creative and resourceful.  I am what need be to get 'it' done.

This is FUN!  :-)

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concept presentations.

I have made great relationships with filmmakers and some have used their talent to write feature length scripts for me, starring me.  Here I present a few scripts, and a reality tv/documentary concept.  

These projects only require...

MONEY! Ha!  Every filmmakers quest.  ;-)

I have an ability to bring people together, work shrewdly within a budget, create and follow through on any project.

have sharpened natural instincts and forged life long fundamentals from my time serving as an executive and eventually Vice President of a multi million dollar  interior design corporation, Christopher Hyland Inc., NYC from 1996 to 2008. Managing millions of dollars in product orders, handling exclusive clients and developing relationships with international suppliers has given me a global perspective many peers lack.

Please take time, look into. 

Thank you!