T & A, (dogs + domination) how to guide

reality / documentary

sacrifice, love, work, sacrifice, love, work

Ongoing challenges of romantic relationship of strange proportions set amongst west LA, eccentric friends, trials, tribulations, insecurities, achievements, creating a Hollywood career via attempts at a reality show, short films & full length features.

written by Tim Dax

Achtung Baby! Warning! this page has what may be considered 'mature content'.  You are warned.  No big deal if you are one with reality. 

Reality, stranger than fiction.   ~T & A


What does Tim do?  He's a Hollywood dreamer, but until he can muster a career on the big screen, he lies with dogs.  Nothing special, mans best friends walking in pack led by a menacing looking lunatic. Many people cross to the other side of the road when Tim approaches, not understanding the character behind the mask is most tame, friendly & considerate.

Tim is well rounded, grounded, articulate, mannered and gracious.  The antithesis to the stereo type of a dude tattooed.  We will observe how once ice broken, strangers find his regular timed path of dog walks an open invitation to join the pack, confess troubles and walk away with perhaps not an answer to end answers, but inspiration to find a way.  

Enter Tim's wife, soul mate, his one and only rock of Gibraltar, Andrea, alias 'Miss Untamed'.


Symmetrically muscled & ink'd dude with a black mass upon his head as if an ancient Roman Soldier helmet removed only to leave a permanent  impressioned shadow upon his noggin. A tatt'd slave collar around his neck and ankles Tim is shackled to his identity.  What posses a man to commit himself to the potential of being ostracized by 'regular joes & janes'?

'The future wide open. One step, one breath at a time...' ~Tim


The 'normal' looking one, until, behind the slam of a dungeon door, look out baby!  This girl is on Fire! Demure & shy by day, by dungeon, She-Master of all.  Disciplinarian by natural evolution-spawned a level 4 (highest level security) corrections officer at Corcoran, California State Prison.  

Feeding Charles Manson proved unglamorous.  She moved on. 

Organically Andrea grew to find a calling in Discipline of a different kind. She, compensated by men to deliver Corporal Punishment to their asses. Her specialties so rare the requests via her burgeoning dungeon, Outlandish! Bizzarrro! Weird beyond normal comprehension!  How does she respond to these underground mutants of society?  How does she make this a lucrative venture to pay bills and support Tim's 'acting career'.  LoL!  Acting career, Tim is acting like he can start a career... 7 years in... show me the money! LOL!  How to make it work plowing head long into insecurity, argument, frustration, communication, understanding & moving on.

'I am physical & aggressive & I get paid for it.  I love it! ' ~Andrea

Conversations, ideas, percolations, mind farts and stinky farts.  Letting it rip, cannot be embarrassing when Andrea has had a rubber penis up a mans bum.


To Be Continued...

'I appreciate a guy that has the balls to follow through on a session with me...' ~Andrea


Andrea, a licensed Sky Diver!

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This page is under construction.  Thought I'd leave my original thought here unedited.  Come back in time... there will be a complete story here... for now... I have to go walk some dogs! 

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